Archetype Wisdom™ Apprentice Workshops

a.k.a. The path to become an official Archetype Wisdom Practitioner.

Archetype Wisdom™ Apprentice Workshops are the only way to get your hands on the unique Archetype Wisdom™ Kit  (which includes the complete AW card deck and related tools), to learn how to use the kit and to practice honing your AW reading skills.

The debut of the Archetype Wisdom Apprentice Workshops Kit is expected to be part of a Launch Campaign estimated to begin in Summer of 2022.

In the meantime, check out my current online course offering:
In this course, you will learn to use tarot cards in a similar way to a full archetype card deck in order to engage in shadow work – which is different than tarot’s original use for divination. Instead, you use cards to get in touch with the different parts of your psyche and transform each one through integration work.