The Official Archetype Wisdom™ Card Deck

The ultimate self-coaching and others-coaching tool for teens and adults. The tool is currently in its final development stages. It’s highly complimentary to many coaching and therapeutic healing modalities such as: hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching, life coaching, mindfulness coaching, healing energy work, law-of-attraction coaching, shadow work coaching and integration therapy, Landmark Education, archetypal psychology, depth psychology, logotherapy, Christ-centered spiritual development and more.

Estimated release late 2021/early 2022 for AW Apprentice Workshop Participants
130 Card Deck designed for use to conduct:

Archetype Wisdom™ Readings. These readings are ideal for people seeking guidance or direction on multiple life areas/issues for a self-empowered outcome that honors . Include Archetype Wisdom Profile identification through AW assessment the main influencing archetypes within your subconscious Archetribe.

 Archetype Wisdom Readings™ differ from other card reading approaches in that they are based in a distinctly “being” centered, connection to your divine self model of introspective coaching work and are specifically designed to provide clarity of focus and inspiration for positive spiritual outcomes.