I’m slow-releasing NFT Collectibles (digital cards) based on the not-yet-released Archetype Wisdom Card Deck (printed card deck) . The NFT releases include gif-enhanced digital art cards of each of the 130 deck archetypes in small limited runs and the profile information for the respective archetype (as a PDF page download) is included with purchase. Not all the digital designs be released at once, but rather, they will be released slowly over time.


Starting in 2018, I began working on the 130 archetype images for the project, which was the largest visual art project I’d ever taken on. Before that the biggest creative projects I’ve completed were related to writing: poetry, stage plays, screen plays and a nonfiction book. Having been since high school that I’d done much by way of visual art outside of practical business use, I worried I wouldn’t do the project proper artistic justice. Passion for the use of the tool, and limited resources to commission so much work of a talented artist, however, led me to push all doubts aside, roll up my sleeves, and learn techniques that resulted in the current form of the card design. I have always loved collage art, and noticed I more recently prefer a collage that is crafted into an entirely new, blended image, so that was what I settled on.

In the fall of 2019 I experienced a surprise setback with an eye injury that resulted in a detached retina. During this time, I learned that both my eyes were extremely susceptible to serious injury and surgery was required for both eyes to prevent me from going completely blind within a year.  Suddenly access to visual art became something I feared I might lose forever, not to mention, fear of also losing autonomy for general life activities and quality of life activities I enjoy daily. An emotional rollercoaster ensued.

Four surgeries and two laser procedures later, I’m happy to say I can still create and enjoy art despite having very low vision in one eye due to a partial loss of my retina.  And through the trauma, work with self-hypnosis and my personal archetypes helped to center and ground me, bringing a much-needed sense of calm to keep myself and the AW project on track.

PSA: Eye health is no joke. Checkups are for more than just glasses and contact lenses. Take care of your eyes.

I’ve long been enthusiastic about cryptocurrency as a game-changer, especially the many potential industry innovations that could happen (and are happening) using blockchain technology. After learning about NFTs, I was inspired to release a version of the AW card art exclusive to the digital marketplace, hence the gentle animated gif archetype cards I’m releasing on OpenSea.

Each NFT comes with an unlockable PDF profile of the featured archetype, so while the complete printed deck cards will still be the more suitable form to do readings with, the digital cards provide a great way to become more familiar with individual archetypes you already feel a connection with. In this sense, they are a great way to begin a study the archetypes.

The collection is a mix of people I know personally and some random composites. I chose to feature people I know on cards representing an archetype I recognize to be prominent in their personal archetribe. All archetypes are in fictional situations and often fictional attire and/or environments.

I’m planning to do some video interviews with those people I’ve chosen to feature – to discuss how the archetype show up in their lives and what other types they identify with. Other card characters are composites of traced/manipulated digital images, and a few of those may include recognizable elements of people I admire in archetypes they fit well.


I prefer the blended look to the cut-and-paste collage of yesteryear. All cards are heavily layered with collage and digital sketch elements with blending and color adjustment that are similar to sculpture in process. Single archetypal characters are always over-simplified in that no person is representing only one archetype all the time, but rather we contain an entire collection of types within our subconscious. For this reason, I wanted to provide an image that can’t be reduced to a cartoon character. I like some rich depth, but still not so realistic that you mistake it for a photograph. I like riding the line of documentary and fiction and for me, collage-style fits that. It reminds me of how our real lives are interpreted through the lens of our personal subconscious myths we too often believe to be reality.


I plan to mint 12 of each card and list 10 for sale by doing a rolling drip release of one at a time.
I started with Achiever, Activist, and Addict. Check the opensea.io Collection Page for the most updated releases. Yes, they are releasing in alphabetical order. I’m rolling the listing price, as well, so Edition #1 of a card will always be the best deal for a first buyer.

I do not plan to provide a complete list of the cards. I like to maintain a level of mystery there. However, any purchaser who unlocks a PDF will see hints at what else is coming via the SIMILAR archetypes notation. You also may get glimpses of what NFTs are to come as I feature more of the printed card samples on my YouTube channel.