An Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis Session is a guided trance meditation to experience introductions to the deepest character profiles within your subconscious mind. The experience includes a personal subconscious archetype assessment, education on the impact they play in your life decisions and experience, and working in trance with the most prominent archetypes in your archetribe profile to gain powerful insights on current challenges.

What to expect:

  • Gain insights into how your subconscious mind shapes your life choices
  • Meet and interact with your personal archetypes via a deep, waking dream-like trance process
  • Get clarity and insight on your route to short and long-term goals
  • Better understand the relationship between your subconscious advantages and limitations and allow this knowledge to inform your approach to success

How does Archetype Wisdom Hypnosis differ from other ‘intuitive’ work, such as sessions with a psychic, clairvoyant, or fortune teller?

This work is educational for the purpose of showing you all the ‘tricks’ for ultimate self-empowerment in the self-improvement arena. A certified AW practitioner will reveal how your subconscious mind is creating your future (or causing you to repeat past patterns) with special attention to archetype roles influencing your path. While the experience is often viewed as mystical or magical, you will have a better understanding of how what is often presented as supernatural is actually quite natural. Instead of having someone tell you what you future holds and passively waiting months to see if it does or doesn’t come true, you will discover how you can take hold of your future right now and actively enjoy the benefits of new, optimized subconscious programming right away.

Currently Available in the Los Angeles area only as part of SYLCAPÉ Method Hypnosis Package work. Archetype Profile and Hypnosis occurs in Session 4 or 5 of a new client package and further readings can be requested for existing client sessions if additional coaching/hypnosis packages are purchased.

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